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So, as I found myself staring at this enormous ship (the biggest in the world at the time) with an extreme case of the nervous giggles, I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to force myself to get out of the taxi and onto the cruise. I was a first time cruiser back in October 2015 and I was lucky enough to be travelling on board the Allure of the Seas from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. Little did I know that in less than a few hours I would be setting off for 13 days on board my transatlantic paradise.

I stepped onto the ship after checking in and I was blown away. My nerves had disappeared and instantly turned to excitement, there was so much to do, so many restaurants to try and entertainment all day every day. The promenade was so full of colour and people in bars, lounges and shops. This was nothing like I had expected.

The Allure of the Seas was like something I had only ever seen in my dreams. Featuring their very own Central Park, Casino Royale and their Aqua Theatre I couldn’t wait to start my trip. In this post I will be talking to you about my personal experience, along with a few tips and tricks to help you if you plan a trip on board or if you have already booked and are interested in the opinion of someone who has tried it. I can assure you that this Oasis class ship by Royal Caribbean does not disappoint.

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The first thing I done was dash straight to the Windjammer for some lunch. It was around 1400 and I was desperate to try the food on this luxurious ship. The Windjammer is a buffet restaurant located on deck 16. I must admit, I tried every dish that Royal Caribbean had to offer and the food was outstanding, both in the Windjammer and the main dining room in the evenings. At our last formal evening I noticed that they had lobster on the menu and of course I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass, so I ordered and I promise you, even if you don’t like sea food this lobster would have been enough to change your mind. We had breakfast at Johnny Rockets a number of times and their pancakes with maple syrup and bacon is something that I have craved every day since. We also had dinner there once and unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed. We tried Sorrentos, The Park Café and The Wipe Out Café quite a few times too and I would definitely recommend each of these to anyone who enjoys food as much as I do.

Food Rating – 10/10 – I gave this rating as there is always something for everyone. This was great as my brother is a very picky eater who could live on pizza and chicken goujons (which were available) however our waiter Alan even had him trying the Manhattan Strip Steak and he enjoyed it that much he ordered another.


For entertainment, we were spoiled for choice. Over the 13 day period we watched so many different shows such as Mama Mia, we had watched the jazz band, seen an ice show in their ice rink theatre, we even got to listen to Ben Mills who was performing on board. I tried out each nightclub and they were better than any club I had been to at home. I joined in at the white party and as we were on board over Halloween, we dressed up and watched the costume parade as well as trying out the haunted house. Being bored was not an option as every night there was something new and my personal favourite was the aqua show at the aqua theatre – it was an excellent performance.

Entertainment Rating – 10/10 – Again, I can’t fault any aspect of the entertainment on board the Allure of the Seas. With a rock climbing wall, pools, jacuzzis and the casino I find it very unlikely that anyone could get bored on this ship as there is something available for a wide variety of age groups.


– Central Park, Allure of the Seas 2015.

Our Captain, Captain Johnny. All I can say is what a man. I loved him, he was just enjoying living his dream while riding his motorcycle around the ship, on deck and through the promenade. All of the staff on board couldn’t have been kinder or more helpful. From our waiters to our state room attendant, each and every single member of staff ensured to make our trip as comfortable as they could. In conclusion, The Allure of the Seas is a ship that I would recommend to anyone. If you want a trip of a lifetime, cruise at least once. It’s that simple.

Tips and Tricks – 

  • Purchase a drinks package when booking online. This will save you the stress of having to save an extortionate amount of money for beverages.
  • Keep an envelope of $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills in your safe to use at the casino and to use for tipping your stateroom attendant or tipping if you order room service.
  • Try everything once, it may seem daunting but I assure you that you will regret not trying all of the amenities that the Allure has to offer.
  • Book your dining and shows online before setting off on your journey to save any disappointment.
  • Purchase a lanyard either on board or before you go to keep your Sea Pass Card safe. Loosing this when off the ship visiting your ports could potentially be chaotic.
  • Visit the Royal Promenade every morning and afternoon for sales on numerous different products.

I found that this ship would be a lot better or families, couples and adults 40+. Although there was a lot of amenities to enjoy and a lot of entertainment for the younger generation, there was not many people my age (20+) on board to chat to or hang out with.  I did still enjoy myself and I would definitely take another trip on the Allure in the near future.

Did you like this post? Is there anything else you want to know about the Allure or Royal Caribbean or do you have any ideas for any of my future posts? Please let me know by commenting below.


My 13 day Transatlantic Paradise

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